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Companies That Specialize In Garage Organization

Nov 23

Whether you use your garage for storage or as an additional indoor-outdoor living area, it can add significant square footage to your house. Too many homeowners, however, don't know how to organize a garage and instead use it as a storage space for their belongings. Companies that specialize in garage organization can help with this problem. Install tool cabinets, hang outdoor equipment on the wall, or even go vertical with overhead storage to reclaim your garage for your car—or whichever option you like.

Some firms merely provide upgraded versions of the basic garage storage system, while others go a step further and provide full-service home organizing. These are the top garage organization companies, regardless of their skills.


Garage Living

If you want to maximize the use of your garage, a complete makeover may be necessary—and Garage Living might be the firm to assist you. Founded in 2005 and with over 30 sites across the United States and Canada, the firm begins every project with a free consultation at your house or in a showroom, where CAD software is used to present scaled drawings of the final concept.

In addition to more aesthetic improvements, such as new flooring, garage doors, Slatwall panels, or speciality renovations, Garage Living can assist with cabinets, wall storage, bespoke racks, and vehicle lifts. Garage Living does not utilize subcontractors, so if you decide to go through with a task, it is completed by the company's staff. Customers can rely on quality because all goods come with warranties. Start by filling out a quick form to get a free consultation to learn more about the prices and capabilities of a garage remodel from Garage Living.


Gorgeous Garage

There weren't many alternatives on the market for space-efficient garage organizing when Jared Newman started Gorgeous Garage (then known as Monkey Bar Storage) in 1999. He needed a system that took use of all the vertical space while still allowing him to store his belongings and park his car within, so he built his own. Gorgeous Garage now provides durable overhead storage, shelves, slat walls, hooks, bars, and other useful extras, as well as more decorative enhancements such as garage flooring.

Do not be concerned about vertical and overhanging storage collapsing. The systems from Gorgeous Garage have a 1,000-pound capacity per 4 feet of shelves and a 750-pound capacity for overhead units (with a 1000-lb overhead option). In addition, when used properly, the corporation provides a limited lifetime warranty on all goods. When you buy, you may choose from a variety of colors and be certain that elements like hooks and bars can be modified as your needs evolve.

Contact one of the company's 120 authorized dealers in North America for a consultation to locate the best solution for your area. The average Monkey Bars shelf/rack system costs between $1,800 and $2,400 and takes one day to build. Try to relocate your belongings 4 feet away from the walls before the installation staff comes, however the on-site representatives are willing to assist with heavier lifts.


NEAT Method

Some garages require more than a new set of cabinets or a high-efficiency storage system—they require a comprehensive renovation, including a dump of undisturbed rubbish and the installation of a new system to prevent the mess from resurfacing. The NEAT Method is a solution to this problem. This California-based start-up offers full-service organizing solutions for any space in your home and will handle the entire process for you.

NEAT Method has over 80 sites in the United States and three in Canada. They also provide transport services to clients who do not have access to a local office. Begin by scheduling an in-home consultation, during which NEAT will analyze your requirements and provide you with a quotation for its services. NEAT then organizes and categorizes everything in your area, isolating objects that are no longer in use and putting what is left in a logical order. (You don't have to be there for the entire process, but set up 20 minutes for an approval walkthrough.)

NEAT will next take measurements of your room and devise a method that will enable you to keep organized even after its professionals have left. The system is then purchased, installed, and implemented by NEAT, leaving you with a spotless environment. The cost of this service varies based on your location and available space, but you can expect to spend a reasonable amount for it: after all, you're getting much more than a basic installation. Photos of some of the company's work may be found on its website to provide prospective clients design ideas.


Garage Storage


What Exactly Is A Garage Organization Firm?

A garage organizing firm may help you organize your garage or carport with storage options. Cabinetry, hooks, overhead storage, racks, shelves, and other outdoor storage options are more robust and weatherproof than inside storage solutions. Various providers offer differing amounts of assistance after installation.


How Much Does It Cost To Organize A Garage?

The majority of garage organizing firms do not provide general pricing on their websites. You'll need to schedule a consultation with your local provider to determine the exact cost of garage organizing. Still, Gorgeous Garage, which estimates that most of its jobs cost between $1,800 and $2,400, might give you an indication of how much a basic organizing system would cost.