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Spires Tutors Expand Online Tutor Marketplace Following Soaring Popularity Of Online Tutoring Since COVID 19 Pandemic

May 10

London, April 8, 2022 -- The demand and popularity of online tutoring has skyrocketed worldwide in recent years. Now more than ever, teachers and students are connecting, communicating, and learning through digital technology.  The benefit of online learning can be felt by tutors and learners alike.


According to Spires Tutors, the world’s premier online tutoring service, this surge in demand and increase in popularity directly correlates with the COVID-19 pandemic and a notable shift in attitudes to electronic learning. The forced global exposure to online education, combined with the excellent results of students using video tutoring services, has made e-tutoring a more popular choice than the traditional at-home or in-office tutor experience.


Spires have stepped up their recruitment of top tutors and have expanded their range of academic and professional subjects to meet this demand. This expansion of Spires’ online tutoring services gives more students access to better grades and, as a result, enhanced career prospects. Professionals can also boost their earning potential with a broader range of chartered and business qualifications than ever before.


Below, we outline the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the demand for online tutoring and how Spires Tutors are meeting this rising demand:


Distanced learning  during the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the appeal of online tutoring to students


When the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools, colleges, and universities to limit face-to-face contact, significant investments in teaching and learning technologies followed. This shift to a digital delivery of tuition resulted in a worldwide increase in the use of  online education software, at all levels of learning.


Parents, tutors and students all found that online technology provided effective and efficient instruction. The once every day challenges of scheduling and travelling to after-school classes are a thing of the past. The digital platforms and e-materials provided by tutoring firms like Spires are now of a very high quality, which often enhances the traditional learning experience.


Spires offers students worldwide access to the best professional tutors in over 400 subject areas. They provide GCSE, IB and A-Level tutoring in science, Physics, Chemistry, English, Geography, History, and ever-in-demand Maths tutoring. With online tutoring students’ confidence increases, and engagement improves. Better school results mean more university options. Enhanced critical thinking and study skills prepare students for higher education, and later the workplace, all online without leaving the comfort of home.


Spires Tutors have expanded their online tutor marketplace to meet the high demand for online tutoring


Spires Tutors have been connecting students and tutors for nearly a decade. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in tutors requesting to join their online tutoring site and an overwhelming demand from students for more choice in tutors and subjects.


Following a rigorous vetting process,only 4% of tutors at Spires successfully pass. There are, however, many new experts now on the  Spires tutoring platform. Parents and students will have more tutor applicants for online teaching jobs and can find their perfect tutor faster. Convenient, affordable and quick, Spires has the best university tutors, offering Finance, Economics, Business, Psychology, and Law tutoring, all from one easy-to-use platform.


Physical location is no longer a barrier with online tutoring which is beneficial to students, tutors, and families


Perhaps the most significant advantage to online tutoring, and a reason for its surge in popularity, is that physical location is no longer a barrier.


Historically if a student needed a very niche or specialist tutor, for example, dissertation tutoring in a very specific field, they would be restricted by their local area.


Using the Spires tutoring site, students can now instantly view the profiles of the best tutors worldwide in any subject area. They can check academic credentials, reviews, and pricing before making contact. The costs and time associated with travel have gone and  students can now choose from a broader range of top academics to support their studies. Online tutoring also offers significant savings to parents, who may need to balance the cost of multiple children’s  tutoring, and now, no longer need to budget for travel expenses.


Why Spires Tutors is the most popular platform to find an online tutor


Spires is the highest-rated of all tutoring sites on Trustpilot. As the feedback from tutors, parents, and students shows, there are many benefits to using Spires online tutoring services. Their services cover tutoring at all levels, from IB tutoring, GCSE tutoring, A level tutoring, to secondary school entrance tests and examinations, in every English-speaking country. Literacy and primary tutoring are also available. Spires began offering online Oxbridge tutors to university students and is still the top provider of higher education tutoring in every undergraduate and postgraduate subject area. University admissions, entrance test preparation, dissertation tutors and PhD tutoring are other specialities. Spires online tutors also support chartered qualifications in accountancy, banking, business, engineering, finance, healthcare, insurance, marketing, and law, amongst other professions. IELTS preparation, EFL/ESL, general English language, and official English examinations tutoring are also available to international students. Help to achieve success is available to students of all ages and professionals at all career stages, no matter where they are or their educational background.


Much of the success of the Spires online tutoring platform is down to the outstanding results that their tutors achieve:


Average secondary school grade increase = 1.5 of a grade

Average university grade increase = 1.3 of a grade


Better exam results deliver an increase in lifetime earning potential. Many online tutoring clients use the Spires services to ensure a broader range of university options, career paths, and, ultimately, more security in life.


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